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Published on: 04/02/2012

Don't Forget to Vote April 3rd!

Molly Payne


(Payne County, Okla.)  Payne County voters are reminded to VOTE Tuesday, April 3rd!  Ballot items include two seats on the Cushing Board of Commissioners, Payne County Commissioner, District 1, Cushing School Bond Issue: $41.5 million, and Glencoe School Bond Issues: $270,000 and $240,00.

Vying for Seat No. 1 on the Cushing Board of Commissioners is incumbent Evert Rossiter and James Roy Pickard.  Seat No. 2: incumbent Joe R. Manning, Jr. and James B. Ree

On the ballot for Payne County Commissioner, District 1:  Zachary Cavett, Republican and Noel F. Bagwell, Democrat.

Cushing voters will decided on a $41.5 million school bond issue to build a new middle school and updates for Cushing High School, remodeling of existing middle school and updates to Harmony School.  (See previous story: "School Bond 2012, Big Price Tag, Big Impact" for more information)

Glencoe voters will decide on two school bond issues: $270,00 for the purpose of constructing, equipping, repairing and remodeling school buildings, acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment and acquiring and improving schools sites  and a $240,000 bond for transportation equipment.

All Oklahoma voters are now required to show identification before being allowed to vote.