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Published on: 02/10/2017

Valentines Day Gift and an Opportunity



Valentine's Day gift bag.

By S.A.D.A.

Valentine's Day gift bag. By S.A.D.A.


(Tulsa, Okla.) Many of us have heard about Norah, the 4 year old girl who took it upon  herself to lift a widower’s spirit and it has changed his life: http://www.littlethings.com/tara-wood-mr-dan.

Valentines Day falls within Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 12-18, 2017). Students Against Drugs and Alcohol (SADA)  wants to encourage others to take Valentine’s Day as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

For those who are alone, each Valentines advertisement is a reminder that they are no longer part of what may have once been a day they looked forward to with great anticipation.  Valentine’s Day is said to be among the hardest days for the widowed.

While it isn’t possible  to reach everyone, each of us can do a bit like little Norah did to remind those  who are alone that they are cared about to brighten their day. We all know a widow or a  widower. It might be a neighbor, a relative, someone at church,  or someone with whom we have worked.

King Cash Savers in Cushing will have a little gift at the bakery, for widows and widowers on Valentines Day Tuesday February 14, 2017.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a state proclamation proclaiming Valentines Day as “A Heart For the Widowed Day”. *