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Published on: 02/14/2017

Stroud Police and Fire Reports

Mary Kelly



Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty



02-06-17, Jimmy Z. Beaird, Born on 07/27/57, DUS, Jailed


02-06-17, J Richardson, Born on 01/09/67, FTP, Driving Under Suspension, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


02-09-17, Sahlemon Godwin, Born on 08/20/97, DUS, FTP, Possession of Paraphernalia


02-09-17, Amanda Whitehead, Born on 06/06/85, Obstructed, Windshield, Traffic Stop, Citation


02-09-17, Craig Alan Cox, Born on 03/05/62, FTP, Public Intoxication, FTA, DUI 2nd Offense, DUI


02-09-17, J. Young, Born on 07/17/51, Public Intoxication, Jailed


02-09-17, Kari Anne Thompson, Born on 07/20/71, Burglary of Vehicle, AFCF, Unauthorized use of Debit Card, and Credit Card 2nd AFCF, Possession of Stolen Credit Card and Debit Card (x3) AFCF


02-10-17, San Jay Kumar Patel, Born on 07/25/75, Expired Tag, Traffic Stop


02-10-17, Autumn Harjo, Born on 11/09/97, Expired Tag, Traffic Stop


02-10-17, Haley Wertman, Born on 06/09/98, Expired Tag, Traffic Stop


02-10-17, Alvin matt Skow, Born on 12/16/79, Public Intoxication, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


02-10-17, Ashley Nicole Starin, Born on 10/14/88, Speeding, Traffic Stop


02-10-17, Jacy Ann Barrett, Born on 05/16/96, Left of Center, Traffic Stop


02-10-17, Billy Ray Shields, Born on 06/30/61, No Insurance, Traffic Stop


02-11-17, Grover K. Morris, Born on 08/15/63, DUI Aggravated 2nd Subsequent , TOC Liquor, Improper Stopping in Road, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


02-11-17, Linda Lenn DeCosta, Public Intoxication


02-11-17, Billy Hicks, Born on12/28/30, Speed 84-65, Traffic Stop


02-11-17, Sara Jean Vanfossen, Born on02/12/84, Dog at Large, FTP, Jailed


02-11-17, Cynthia Ann Keeth, Born on04/25/82, Possession of Marijuana, Public Intoxication, Attempted Escape, Destruction and Evidence, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


02-11-17, Jesse Allen Malicoate, Born on 09/22/85, Fail to Stop at Stop Sign, Speeding 1-10, DUI Alcohol (Aggravated) 2nd or Subsequent , Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


02-13-17, Jace Michael Balentine, Born on 05/21/97, Reckless Driving, Driving Under Suspension, Jailed


02-13-17, Jennifer Ryan Hudson, Born on05/22/82, Obtaining CDS by Receipt, Larceny (Petty), Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office



Fire Reports



Reports were not available at tine of visit.