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Published on: 03/10/2017

Early Morning Traffic Stop Leads to Search Warrant Service and Arrest of Four on Illegal Narcotic Charges



arrest photos

(Cushing, Okla.) Last night shortly after 11:00 pm, MPO Haywood, while on routine patrol conducted a traffic stop on a black Dodge Stratus passenger car for defective brake light.


Upon contact with the driver Thomas Lumpkin, and passenger Christopher Thomason, of the vehicle, MPO Haywood observed the driver to be extremely nervous to the point that he was uncontrollably shaking, while attempting to retrieve his requested information. MPO Haywood also noticed numerous air fresheners hanging from the air vents and rear view mirror. MPO Haywood also had prior drug knowledge on Thomason.


Due to the observations, MPO Haywood requested dispatch to contact Sgt. Piatt and his K9 partner to assist him in an exterior free air sniff of the vehicle. Prior to the search with K9 Max, both Lumpkin and Thomason were asked to step out of the vehicle, which they did. Sgt. Piatt then had K9 Max conduct his search of the vehicle. Sgt. Piatt later advised MPO Haywood that K9 Max gave a positive alert on the vehicle.


While MPO Haywood was searching the vehicle, Ofc. Sherman advised him that he was placing Thomason in investigative detention. Ofc. Sherman later pointed to the drink that Thomason was holding, which had 3 small plastic bags resting on top of the ice. One of the baggies had a green leafy substance, which later tested presumptive positive for Marijuana. Thomason later denied possession and claimed that it belonged to Lumpkin, who must have put it in his drink when he was not looking.


During the custodial search of Thomason, MPO Haywood seized a small baggy containing a crystallized substance from his jacket pocket. Thomason once again denied it and said it was not meth and to test it. Christopher Thomason 42, W/M of Cushing was later placed under arrest on complaints of Possession of Marijuana (63 OS 2-402A1) Possession of Methamphetamine (63 Os 2-402A1) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (63 OS 2-405C).


MPO Haywood later spoke to Lumpkin, who denied possessing or putting the baggies in Thomason’s drink. After a further search of the vehicle, Lumpkin was issued a warning for defective equipment and released.


Once at the police department MPO Haywood examined the contents of the cup closer, where he seized an additional bag containing a crystallized substance and a glass smoking pipe. The crystallized substance tested presumptive positive for Methamphetamine.


Following the traffic stop, MPO Haywood requested and obtained a search warrant for Thomason’s residence at 1043 E. Main Street. Several members of the Cushing Police Department and Payne County Sheriff’s Department later executed the search warrant.


Upon arrival, Officers knocked and announced and Jennifer Michelle Thomason 37, W/F of Cushing came to the door to allow entry into the home. Jennifer was immediately taken into investigative detention. While clearing the residence, two males, David Lynn Hicks II 30, W/M of Drumright and Michael James Pershall 48 W/M of Yale, were found in the southwest bedroom of the residence and taken into investigative detention.


During the search of the residence, the following items were found:




In the southwest bedroom, MPO Haywood seized a yellow “Juicy Fruit” tin can, which contained 2 smoking pipes with burnt residue, numerous plastic baggies with crystal residue and miscellaneous pills. One of the baggies was later tested and yielded presumptive positive for methamphetamine.


In the kitchen area, a clear plastic pen body with a white crystal residue was found. The crystal residue was tested and yielded presumptive positive for methamphetamine.


In the southeast bedroom of the residence, numerous miscellaneous pills, plastic baggies with crystal residue, a large glass smoking pipe and a multi-colored glass pipe with a burnt leafy green substance were found.


Because of the items found in the residence, Jennifer Thomason was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine (63 OS 2-402) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (63 OS 2-405), Michael Pershall was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine (63 OS 2-402) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (63 OS 2-405) and David Hicks was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine (63 OS 2-402) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (63 OS 2-405). Hicks is also being held on a Payne County warrant, CM-2008-93.


The four were later transferred to the Payne County Jail, where they will be held until their arraignment hearing later today.