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Published on: 06/07/2017

Bill Breese and Stephanie Akins with Oklahoma Works/OESC Talk with Lions

Mary Kelly



(Cushing, Okla.) Lou Griffin, President of the local Cushing Lions Club International, called the meeting to order today shortly after 12:15 pm. The agenda started with the pledge and was followed by requests for prayers and a prayer.



Tom Cummings updated the club regarding the demolition contract on Lions building located on Broadway. He also gave other miscellaneous updates on other Lions programs.



Lion’s special guests and speakers this week were Bill Breese and Stephanie Akins with Oklahoma Works/Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Breese, who is a local veterans employment representative, introduced himself briefly, and then turned the floor over to Akins.  She spoke about what Oklahoma Works can do to help a person, who is unemployed, find job placement if they utilize the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA).  Akins stated they can actually help place someone who wants to learn how to weld, for example, into a welding program, and then they can work with that individual to help find them placement in that field.



The WIOA program was developed by the federal government to assist job seekers and businesses alike. The program provides a variety of services along with many partners through the One Stop. They can help with resume building, job search assistance, career development opportunities testing and career assessment, and referrals to area resources. One of the main goals of the WIOA program is to assist unemployed workers in finding and keeping a job and to support opportunities for upgrading the job seekers skill set.



Some of the occupations that WIOA funds may be used for are:


Medical – licensed practical nurse, respiratory therapist, medical/clinical technician, radiology, medical assistant, surgical technologist


Trucking – truck driver and commercial driver’s license.


Automotive Repair – including diesel mechanics, industrial machinery mechanics, automotive service technician, and automotive mechanic.


Welding – welders, cutters, brazing.


Heat and Air Conditioning – including training for installers of HVAC systems, and refrigeration mechanics.


Equipment Operator – training for heavy equipment.


Those looking for new employment or businesses looking for employees, be sure to check out https://okjobmatch.com



The meeting adjourned around 1:00 (pm).



Cushing Lions Club meets each Tuesday at noon, at the Steer Inn Restaurant, 1340 East Main, and Cushing.