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Published on: 10/09/2017

Stroud Police and Fire Reports

Mary Kelly


Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty



10/03/17, Kaha’Awina Kealoha, Public Intoxication, FTP, FTP, Jailed


10/05/17, Brenda Ann Allen, Aggravated DUI, Expired Tag, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scène of a Property Damage Accident, Transported to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office


10/06/17, Diana Gaylord, Speed 15 Over, No Insurance, Traffic Stop


10/06/17, Tony Steven Kuhl, DUS, Transporting and Open Container, Jailed


10/06/17, Tony Steven Kuhl, FTA on No License, Jailed


10/07/17, Shawn E. Lay, Operating Motorcycle without “M” Endorsement, Traffic Stop


10/07/17, Wendy Sue Larison, Failure to Carry Insurance, Traffic Stop


10/09/17, Tiara Beck, FTP, Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, Transported to Lincoln Sherriff’s Office



Stroud Fire Reports



05:56 and 09/26/17, Mile Marker 170 Turner Turnpike, Signal 82, Apparatus Rescue -1


16:49 and 09/28/17, Structure Fire, Apparatus Engine-1, Engine-36, and Brush-7


20:35 and 09/29/17, 701 West Olive, Medical, Apparatus Rescue-1


13:01 and 10/04/17, Mile Marker 165, Signal 82, 10:22 Given as Rescue 1 was Leaving


05:23 and 10/05/17, 323 S. 9th, Medical Assist, Apparatus Rescue -1 and Command-1