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Published on: 01/08/2018

Drumright Police and Fire Reports

Mary Kelly


Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

(Times stated are the reported on or the start date of each event.)



23:00 on 01/03/18, Suspects, Family – Other, Offense Location 1903 Aspen Drive


12:30 on 01/04/18, Suspect, Threats –Intimidation, Offense Location 100 W. Broadway


08:30 on 01/05/18, Suspect, Larceny Theft-Shoplifting, Offense Location 700 W. Broadway


15:00 on 01/05/18, Suspect, Family Domestic Affair, Offense Location 804 Lou Allard Drive


15:43 on 01/05/18, Suspect, Threats –Intimidation, Offense Location 508 S. Skinner


17:40 on 01/05/18, Suspect, Other Offenses Non-Traffic, Offense Location 113 Mobile Place


17:40 on 01/07/18, Public Peace -Unattended Death, Offense Location 104 E. Noble



Drumright Fire Reports



13:05 on 01/01/18, Nursing Home, Smoke Investigation, Apparatus C101, C103, and E2


17:34 on 01/01/18, 44325 West 131st Street South, Extinguish, Apparatus T-4


03:06 on 01/03/18, 205 South Layton, Structure Fire, Extinguish, Apparatus C101, C102, C103, T-4, E-1 and E2


14:00 on 01/03/18, Drumright Fire Department, House Reload, Crew Put E-2 Back in Service, Apparatus E2


13:11 on 01/04/18, Umberham Lease (Penn. and Dale), Multiple Small Grass Fires (Put Out), Apparatus E2 C101, C103, B-8 and B-7


21:27 on 01/04/18, Haven Hill an Noble, Small Grass Fires (Put Out), Apparatus B-8