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Published on: 01/11/2018

Man Accused Of Sexual Battery At Stillwater Bar Due In Court

Patti Weaver


(Stillwater, Okla.) — A 43-year-old Texas man has been ordered to appear in Payne County District Court on Feb. 5 on felony charges of sexually battering two women and a man at a bar near the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater.

William Brian Kyle of Mexia, TX, remains free on $25,000 bail. He could be given as much as a 30-year prison term if convicted of three counts of sexual battery, court records show.

Kyle was missing a shoe and wearing a Texas Tech hooded sweatshirt when he was initially arrested for public intoxication about 1 a.m. on Nov. 29, 2017, at the corner of W. 4th and South Washington, Stillwater Police Officer Tanner Galbiso wrote in an affidavit.

A man told police, “Mr. Kyle was kicked out of JR Murphy’s for touching two females inappropriately,” the officer alleged in his affidavit.

When one of the alleged victims was interviewed, she said that the bar was throwing her a birthday party, the officer wrote in his affidavit.

She said she “noticed Mr. Kyle in the distance making unsettling looks,” the affidavit alleged.

“Eventually, Mr. Kyle came to where her and her friends were and started making comments stating, ‘I want to lick all your butts,’” the affidavit alleged.

Kyle then grabbed the woman’s genital area and a friend told him to walk away, but he came back, the affidavit alleged.

Another woman said “she was dancing when Mr. Kyle came back,” and she tried to move away as he came toward her, the affidavit alleged.

“Mr. Kyle then grabbed her buttocks so hard that it lifted (her) off the ground,” the affidavit alleged.

When Kyle approached a man and placed his arm around him, the man told Kyle to back off, the affidavit alleged.

“Mr. Kyle left, then came back this time grabbing (the man) on the side and then touching his penis,” the affidavit alleged.

The man “immediately yelled at Mr. Kyle to back off once again,” the affidavit alleged.

The man watched Kyle walk away and back to where the two women were, the affidavit alleged.

The man said that he saw Kyle grab one of the women on the buttocks as well, the affidavit alleged.

Based on statements provided by the three alleged victims and the bar employees that identified Kyle as the suspect, he was charged with sexual battery, the affidavit alleged.