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Published on: 02/12/2018

Drumright Police Reports

Mary Kelly


Disclaimer-All arrestees are presumed innocent until proven guilty

(Times stated are the reported on or the start date of each event.)



07:05 on 02/05/18, Suspect, Larceny/Theft – All Other, Offense Location 917 W. Broadway


11:30 on 02/06/18, Suspect, Fraud Credit Card/Automated Teller Machine Fraud, Offense Location 706 E. Broadway


15:80 on 02/06/18, Public Peace – Mental Case, Offense Location 1605 Aspen Drive


01:22 on 02/07/18, Suspect, Assault- Simple, Offense Location 706 East Walnut Drive


06:45 on 02/07/18, Morelia Yvette Lopez, Traffic-Other, Drug/Narcotic Violations-Marijuana, Drugs/Narcotics-Equipment Violations, Offense Location Highway 16 and Josephs


09:45 on 02/07/18, Suspect, Family – Other, Offense Location 515 N. Cimarron


17:15 on 02/08/18, Jimmy Don Kitchen, Domestic A and B, Offense Location 2008 Aspen Drive


15:12 on 02/09/18, Brandon Leigh Gibbs and Adam Lee White -Youngman, Traffic – Other, Warrants for Other Agency, Location Drumright Dental Office