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Economy Supply Hosts Customer Appreciation Day Cookout

Economy Supply, located at 102 East Main Street in Oilton, held their Customer Appreciation Day cookout, Thursday, June 4, 2015 from 11am to 1pm.

Ready Set Cut Opens In Cushing

The Cushing Chamber of Commerce welcomed another new business to town with a ribbon cutting this morning.

Andrew Snyder Talks Viticulture on the KUSH Business Spotlight

Andrew Snyder was a great guest, or maybe it was the other way around.
Occasionally I may get excited and have to remind myself not to
interrupt my guest, however this time I was speechless, a captive

Spotlighting Angie on Her 50th Birthday

Emotions ran the gamut Tuesday, June 8th, as KUSH Sales Manager and “KUSH Girl” Angie Vaughn went from irritated and disappointed to surprised and happy as family and friends “pulled one over” on their favorite blonde in honor of her 50th birthday.

Anita Houston, Cowboy RV, In the Spotlight

This is a busy time of year for Sales at KUSH, so yes; I am way behind
on my stories. If you are reading this, bless your virtuous, patient
soul especially for taking the time to peruse my stressful, brain
wrenching attempts at chronological order!!  Our guests are such good
sports to let us tease, cajole, taunt, and pry into their past and
present, before we get down to business.

KUSH Business Spotlight Guest Lisa Cartmell

Lisa Cartmell Co-Owner of Cushing Electronics/Radio Shack, AT&T
Service Provider and now consignment store, shares lots of helpful
information on the Business Spotlight Show

Marilyn Duff In The Spotlight

Marilyn Duff shares the details her current projects on the business
spotlight and future plans of beautification, restoration and
revitalization in Cushing..

Getting Down And Dirty About Gardening

The focus on the Business Spotlight is our coming out of hibernation
and getting down and dirty..in our gardens with help from Billy
Preston, owner of Hill Top Green House and Horticulture specialist,
Theresa Morris.

Bobby Welcomes Mr. John Bryant

Bobby Welcomes Mr. John Bryant and the “Bank of Cushing” (BOC) to the
KUSH Business Spotlight Hour! As I am sure most of you know, John is
the President of the Bank of Cushing and has been since 1977.

Spotlighting C.W. Collins and Antiques and More

Multi Business owner, Charles (C.W.) Collins shares his experiences and
successes in the Business Spotlight as we focus on Antiques and More in